Stomp Wars Global / RockTeen Youth Foundation

Since it’s inception, STOMP WARS had been the driving force behind the National Stepping Movement. As we work to model this initiative as an agent of change in the lives & communities of “At-Risk” and underserved youth, STOMP WARS has evolved beyond a national Stepping competition and now serves as a life-transforming pipeline for youth. STOMP WARS has inspired over 10,000 youth to graduate High School at. 100% Success Rate. As the cornerstone event of The ROCKTEEN Youth Foundation, STOMP WARS will continue to stomp down the negative barriers that plague our communities & build new positive futures through education, the art of stepping and performing arts.

The nations largest youth stepping competition is much bigger than a Step Show. It’s a COLLEGE & CAREER pathway framed for students through an extracurricular activity.

Phone: 817-360-4749
Contact: Rocky “ROCK-T” Turner

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