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Dallas residents can access critical services such as primary care, physicals, female examinations, Individual and group therapy, medication fulfillment via our on-site pharmacy, lab testing, etc.  You can work directly with our team of nurses, therapists and counselors during individual treatment sessions and we offer so much more!  In fact, we provide tele-health and in-home treatment which enables us to send our practitioners and clinicians out to our patients home. This is a great service that is heavily utilized during times like the recent COVID-19 pandemic. We, at GLC Wellness Center Texas would like to enhance way our Dallas community accesses their health care needs during this time. If allowed, we have other options available once we get through this pandemic.

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GLC Wellness Center Texas
1251 E. Red Bird Lane. Suite A
Dallas, Tx 75241
972-685-5094 office
972-685-5108 fax

Phone: 972-685-5094
Email: joy@glcwellness.com

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