I Master Me, Mastering Me Program

I Master Me is an organization filled with adults who believe in the power of self discipline, self regulation, self efficacy, and self sufficiency. We work with students grades 5-12. It is our belief that every child can and will be successful, every family can and will thrive and sustain, and every community impacted by an I Master Me program or event will be changed in a positive manner for life. We realized that by working with community partners to pave the way for the future of this country to prosper, we could overcome our challenges much more efficiently, and that is our ultimate goal. We work with students on various coping mechanisms and mindfulness strategies to assist with any barrier they might be facing. We teach students how to use the outlets and resources that they have available to them, for them to be better individuals. We also teach students conflict resolution skills that will translate into them being able to articulate themselves in a calm manner, even under the most elevated circumstances. We work with families to help them understand the importance of articulating themselves in a manner that is calm and positive for others to be able to hear them clearly without becoming defensive.

Phone: 4692459305
Contact: Andrea Anderson-Parks

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