Abide Women's Health Services

Abide exists to improve birth outcomes in communities with the lowest quality of care. We do this by offering healthcare and complimentary services that are easily accessible, holistic, evidence based and free from judgment.

During these troublesome times with COVID-19 having a devastating impact on South Dallas and beyond, Abide has chosen to shift our focus and expand our services by providing porch deliveries of essential material goods to those who are in need of support and are lacking transportation. Materials such as diapers, wipes, breasteeding supplies, baby food, feminine hygeine products and more. Anyone in need within Dallas County but more specifically the South Dallas/Fair Park area are welcomed to contact us for support. Additionally Abide offers virtual breastfeeding support, 101 lactations support and childbirth education.

Abide Women's Health Service is a black led organization that centers black women and people of color as we address the disparities in maternal and infant health. Currently we are a Perinatal Safe Spot listed with the National Perinatal Task Force. Our hope it to provide more clinical services such as prenatal and postnatal care through our easy access (free/low cost) clinic Summer/Fall 2020, led by a team of black midwives.

Now more than ever, black women and children are in dire need of support that centers their care in ways that are hyper vigilant in addressing biases that impact their outcomes. Abide intends to fill a gap…Abide IS filling a gap. A gap that historically lists black women and children as among the most vulnerable.

In order to provide easily accessible, culturally congruent care for all women who have need our goals include:

*Reducing infant and maternal mortality

  • Reducing pre-term birth
    *Reducing low birth weight babies
    *Increasing breastfeeding rates
    *Increasing the number of midwives and birth workers of color.

We want to get babies to term, to their first year and we want their mothers to live to see them.

Life Affirming or Intrinsic Human Value
Human Flourishing
Redemptive Justice
Racial Conciliation
Inventive Systems
Posture of Heart

An expanded version of our values can be viewed on our website.

Phone: 972-474-6311
Contact: Cessilye R. Smith
Email: info@abidewomen.org

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