Path~Way to Purpose for Youth

In a world that seems threatening and devoid of promise for many of America's children, Path~Way to PurposeⓇ for Youths provides a tangible measure of hope and resources.

CMM offers young people what they need and want most: adults who respect and listen to them; a safe environment where they can learn while having fun and being themselves; and interesting, constructive servant-leadership and educational activities.

Cynthia Mickens Ministries, Inc. Free Summer Learning and Feeding Program provides youth of these underserved communities with two hot meals and a snack daily which reduces food insecurity and creates a more stable family life. In addition, through our entrepreneurship / small business initiative will are addressing the prevalence of poverty by creating financial stability.

Our STEM program will include coding and website development along with opportunities to create a business. Those who excel in the STEM sessions of the program will be invited to join a post-program that will cover topics such as, budgeting, how to start a business and how to get a loan for your new business. We

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