Nexus Recovery Center

Nexus Recovery Center offers specialized substance abuse treatment services for adult women and adolescent girls, ages 13-17, as well as therapeutic treatment and care for their accompanying children in order to break the cycle of addiction. Founded in 1971, the mission of Nexus is to serve as a link to sobriety, independence, and dignity for low-income women and their families affected by addiction.

Nexus is committed to staying open during COVID-19 to provide treatment for the vulnerable populations we serve. Individuals with substance use disorder face numerous risks for coronavirus infection, including chronic illnesses, such as heart, kidney and liver disease, as well as an increased susceptibility to respiratory infections and death. The risk is heightened by their socioeconomic status, which has limited their access to stable housing and high-quality health care, including fewer vaccinations (flu, pneumonia), fewer medications to treat acute and chronic issues, and unresolved and/or worsening health issues.

Nexus has undertaken several actions to reduce the spread of COVID-19. We cancelled our annual spring Auxiliary luncheon, which is one of our main fundraising events for the year. We have also implemented medical precautions, including taking the temperature of everyone daily and restricting campus visitors, and have started offering Outpatient services to clients via Zoom. The decline in the number of Outpatient clients means less billable hours, which decreases our revenue, while our spending on medicines, hygiene items, and cleaning products have increased. Now that school is closed, we also have an increased demand for food to feed our elementary school-age children.

Due to losses in revenue and increases in spending to take the necessary medical precautions and feed our clients, we will be forced to make budget and staff cuts that will severely impact our services.

If you would like to ensure that our clients get the support they need to break the cycle of addiction, please consider making a donation by visiting

Phone: 214-321-0156
Contact: Tiffani Davis

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