Adventure & Victory Building A Bridge for families to Cross

Adventure & Victory, Inc (AVI) Empowerment Training programs focus on strengthening the
family unit by providing workshops and activities that enable women and their families to
maximize their full potential and discover their purpose and power. As a result of the COVID-19
Pandemic these programs and courses have had limited attendance and program participation
due to a lack of technology and resources needed to connect with clients remotely.
AVI clients have been laid-off, experienced a significant decrease (at least 40
%) in monthly income and have barriers to employment. Due to these personal and financial
barriers, clients are unable to secure learning tools such as computers, laptops, and tablets. AVI
has also observed an increase in the demand for immediate financial support such as utility
assistance and food assistance. Based on client assessments, we regularly provide emergency
financial support for essential needs such as food, gas cards, bus cards or critical
document fees. Due to the increase in the need to support our resources have become a strain. AVI
has been a support to the community and our clients for over 24 years and would like to
continue to be an active resource to clients to help them stay connected to our programs,
access community referrals and meet critical needs.

Phone: 2143580304
Contact: Jacqueline Johnson

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