N.I.A. Kids Youth Service Organization, Inc.

N.I.A. Kids is a 501(c)(3) organization created to reach youth and teenagers and to provide quality programs and services that empower them to realize their full potential. We achieve this through providing performing arts training, arts education, after school and mentoring programs, community outreach, and youth development programs. Our programs serve youth and teens with limited access to quality youth programs, performing arts training, and cultural arts experiences. We provide year round programming for youth and teens. In addition to performing arts training and opportunities for young people, our programs enhance their life skills through encouraging perseverance, accountability, and creativity. N.I.A. Kids programs have exposed hundreds of youth and teens to many facets of performance and the performing arts industry. Since our inception in 2005, N.I.A. Kids has produced a myriad of professional theatrical productions, programs and community events that provide platforms and opportunities for youth and teens to develop artistically, mentally, and socially as they work to share their gifts with the world!
For more than a decade, our organization has been a safe haven for youth and teens. N.I.A. Kids is a place where young people come to do productive things with their talent and their time. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeking financial support for our summer theater program and beyond. This program is essential in keeping youth and teens off of the streets, engaged, and productive during the summer months and free time. For more than a decade, our summer theater program has supported this vulnerable population by providing full day services for young people while their parents were at work. This includes providing meals for them. We were officially informed on March 24, 2020 by one of our main ISD sponsors that they have put all summer programming on hold. This is detrimental to the summer theater program and to the youth and teens it will impact. Also, due to the impact parents are facing financially, parents will need financial support for their children to be in a quality program during the summer months. Our summer program is an extension of our mission to keep youth & teens occupied and engaged during their free time. The theater program provides intense training in dance/choreography, acting/drama, and music/vocal technique. Each day the students do a rotation of each performing arts discipline, which culminates into a full stage professional theatrical production.

Phone: 972-322-5413
Contact: LaTara Thompkins
Email: latarathompkins@gmail.com

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