Carter's House

Carter's House Emergency Assistance // Asistencia de emergencia de la casa de Carter

The Emergency Clothing Assistance Program provides diapers, wipes, and baby formula to caregivers and parents who are in immediate need of assistance. This service is available via referral. Please be sure to provide the name of the organization, name of the person referring you, and the contact phone number for that organization. This service is available to families with children ages 0-3. This program serves residents of North Texas.


  • 50 Diapers
  • 1 Package of wipes
  • Baby Formula and Baby Food
  • 2 pair of Underwear and Socks for older children


  • Identification: Valid Photo ID
  • A copy of a CURRENT award letter for any type of State Benefits. (SNAP, TANF, Housing Assistance, Childcare
    Assistance, Medicaid, or CHiP) The letter must show the start and end date of your case.
  • Written Referral from a domestic violence shelter/agency or a homeless shelter.
  • FOR FOSTER PARENT: Documentation confirming legal guardianship of the foster child in need of diapers
  • FOR UNEMPLOYED IN THE PAST 30 DAYS DUE TO DISABILITY: A doctor's note or disability approval paperwork that confirms your employment status.

Our staff will follow up with you after your questionnaire is reviewed. Pickup directions will be provided after all information is verified.

Phone: 8009438663
Contact: Shawana Carter

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